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Ulsan Global Gathering

This year the Multicultural Festival gave mini passports to willing participants to travel “Around the world” and have different cultural experiences. WeHOPE secured two tents, one was the North American tent, and the other was the British tent.

A team of WeHOPE volunteers lead the North American tent with a hockey shootout (wearing gloves and a Team Canada jersey of course , face painting and fun quizzes. There were nothing but smiles all day long from both participants and volunteers.

The British tent was run by Peter, Mia, and other volunteers at an attempt to fully immerse people in British culture in 5 minutes or less! In the tent there were lots of national flags hanging on walls and off people! There were coloring sheets, a simplified cricket game, and of course tea time. Peter led the participants all the way from pouring the milk to dipping the biscuit! He even had a visit from the Mayor of Ulsan! Much fun was had and we are looking forward to Peter bringing his high energy back to the tent at next years event!

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