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Roy Kim, President

Roy joined WeHOPE during it’s transition into an NGO. He holds various positions in several fields. Roy is the CEO of ESL EDUCATION Co., Ltd., director of ESL INSTITUTE KOREA, director of the ITTE Ulsan Headquarters, official interpreter for the Ulsan Police Department, and a TESOL trainer at the Ulsan Women’s Center. His experience and expertise will be a great asset to WeHOPE. Roy is excited to be a part of this organization.


Nate Mandigo, Vice President

Nate joined WeHOPE first as a volunteer in 2011, and was instrumental in getting We HOPE registered as an NGO, where he is now the Vice-President. He is currently employed as a Foreign language Instructor at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST).  He is very committed to see We HOPE grow into a nationally recognized NGO that helps people in need.


Brian Girolametto, Program Director

Brian became involved in WeHOPE during its transition into an NGO. He is currently employed as a Foreign Language Instructor at Choonhae College of Health Sciences and is involved in various physical activities. He enjoys writing storybooks for children when he feels inspired and spending time with his growing family. Brian is happy to play a role in such a wonderful organization that has the ability to reach so many people and make a positive impact on their lives.


Shin-Jung Kang

Program Coordinator

Freshta Azadah

Lotus Center

Program Coordinator

maria headshot.png

Maria Choi

Program Coordinator

hyunsseo headshot.png

Hyun-Seo Yoo

Program Coordinator

Kay Davids

Police Language Exchange Program Coordinator

Sumi Choi

Program Coordinator


Ulsan Dong-gu ELLU

Program Coordinator

Kyung-a Jeong

Program Coordinator


Rogelio Garcia

Program Coordinator

adele headshot.png

Adele Vitale

Gwangan International Fair Coordinator


Rick Duff


Program Coordinator

Laura Stephenson

Namgwang Orphanage


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