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Flying playing cards

Poker Run

Colourful Pile of Old Books

Ulsan Foreigner's Market

Colorful Banners

Hangawi Festival

The Poker Run is one of the most exciting events of the year! The rules are simple, buy a t-shirt, visit the bars, win prizes! The Poker Run is Ulsan’s best annual pub crawl where participants shuffle from bar to bar in beautiful Samsandong choosing their winning poker hand one card at a time, all for a great cause. Hundreds of door prizes donated by local businesses help this event reach its full potential. The best part is you don’t need any poker knowledge to play!

The Ulsan Foreigners Market began back in 2013 and continues to grow and serve the local community. Market vendors sell unique hand made goods and homemade foods. There is also a used book stall for all of your reading needs. The market is held monthly at Sticky Fingers Pub or Cima Bar. Updates can be found on the market Facebook Page.

The Foreign Hangawi (Chuseok, Thanksgiving) festival is held annually and celebrates the fall harvest season. Traditional games and snacks from various cultures can be enjoyed along with celebratory dances and musical performances. This festival is a great way to enjoy a day outside and connect with the local community.

Orphanage Christmas Party

Fountain at the Harbour

Global Gathering

The Global Gathering is an annual event held at the Taehwa riverside that promotes cultural awareness and gives locals an opportunity to taste world foods, have new experiences, and even observe some traditional dances and shows. 
WeHOPE arranges and provides support for the experience tents and the craft market.

The annual orphanage Christmas party has been a benchmark event for WeHOPE since 2011. Volunteers come together to host an afternoon of holiday events for the children. After the activity station are all complete the children display some performances for the volunteers. This is followed by a few Christmas carols from the volunteers. Santa always makes an appearance and brings gifts for the 120+ children who reside there.  

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