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Christmas at the Namgwang Orphanage

Kids opening Christmas presents

In late November, We Hope in Busan put out a Facebook call for help. We go on the fourth Sunday of the month to Namgwang Orphanage in Nopo in Busan to play with kids. There are thirteen elementary kids, one baby, and one toddler who all needed Christmas presents. We posted a call for pencil cases stuffed with pencils and stickers. We hoped to get some card games too. We asked for money for scooters. The kids use them nearly every day, and had only a few.

A Christmas scooter race

To our shock, we received donations for the pencil cases, four Play-Dough stations, and 10 scooters! We also had juice and chocolate cake for our December 22 Christmas party! The kids were so happy!

We Hope thanks all our donors and volunteers from the bottom of our hearts. These kids need love and fun. Because of you, we are able to provide that every month of the year. Thank you all!

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