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New Youth Team Welcomed At Ulsan's Largest Police Station.

WeHOPE's second cohort of youth volunteers were invited to attend Ulsan Jungbu Police Station on April 20th for an official introduction and greetings from WeHOPE members Roy Kim, Nate Mandigo, Brian Girolametto, and Maria Chae. Also speaking on behalf of the collaborative mentoring program were Ms. Cho in Hye from the Ulsan Police Agency and Mrs. Lee Young Sook from the Bukgu Multicultural Family Center.

The students were provided with information about their roles as members of the WeHOPE youth team. A recurring theme throughout the presentations was leadership and the expectations of mentors. General information about the various branches of WeHOPE and initiatives it pursues was also given.

The police arranged a special experience for the team at the end of the day. As a group they were invited to a restricted area of the station. They entered the 112 emergency area. While there, they given a behind the scenes look into how emergencies were dealt with and who the people in charge of the whole operation are.

WeHOPE is excited to work with the new group and want to extend a big thank you to everyone who made the new mentoring program possible.

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