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WeHOPE's 6th Annual Poker Run

After weeks of preparation, the 6th annual Poker Run was held on October 21st , in Ulsan. The proceeds form this fundraising event are used for the local Orphanage and Lotus Center Christmas parties organized by We HOPE. This year didn’t disappoint, as over 100 participants, sporting the trademark Poker Run T-shirt, took to the streets of downtown Ulsan in hopes of winning one of the big prizes, or one of the many great door prizes donated by local sponsors.

This year we managed to raise nearly 2 million won! We Hope would like to send out a special thank you to the event volunteers, whom without, our event would not have been possible. We appreciate your dedication and willingness to sacrifice your time in order to make a positive impact in our community. We would also like to thank the host bars, and our amazing sponsors for their generosity! Lastly, we would like to extend our gratitude to each and every one of the participants, as they are the driving force in our communities serving us in so many ways.

More about our sponsors…

Paint’n Clay was kind enough to donate prizes to this years Poker Run. Paint n’ Clay is a pottery shop where you can paint and customize your own pottery, buy some hand crafted goods, and even try your hand at the pottery wheel. It is run by our Australian friend Hywel David Davies.

Ulsan Fight Gym Gym was kind enough to donate 10 one month memberships to the Poker Run. The gym was established in 2006 and now has 3 branches around Ulsan. If you are looking to get back into shape or challenge yourself with something new, look no further!

JJ’s Bar Has generously donated gift certificates to our cause. JJ’s Bar was born when Patrick Robbins and his beautiful wife put their personal touch on an old Ulsan bar. It is now a must visit when visiting Seongnam Dong.

Ulsan Namaskar is an annual contributor to our Poker Run. If you are craving butter chicken, samosas, or any kind of curry this is the only place you want to visit. Friendly staff and quality food.

Calgary Wing (located in Samsan Dong) is a beer and wing restaurant with a sweet view and delicious menu. The owner had lived in Canada and wanted to introduce Calgary style wings to Korea. They were nice enough do make a contribution to our Poker run.

London Tea generously donated to our Poker Run. London Tea is a brunch restaurant/coffee shop that has long supported the foreign community. Located in Okdong, this shop is steps away from Ulsan Grand Park, has great food and friendly staff. Check out a review here

LaParte Cafe (located in MugeoDong) is a cafe run by a young man named JaeSun. He runs the cafe and also teaches Ukulele classes. He kindly donated some free lesson packs to some lucky winners.

Kidari Bookshop donated gift cards to the Poker Run. Kidari is located in Gongoptop and can provide you with any English novel or teaching resource you may need.

Ox Smoke and Grill is arguably one of the top 5 restaurants in Ulsan. They very generously donated to our Poker Run and if you happen to win one of the prizes you will not leave the restaurant unsatisfied. (OX smoke&grill)

Trevi Brauhaus once again contributed to the Poker Run. They provide our community with some of the best home brewed beer around. They have a great menu to compliment their one of a kind beers.

Jimbo Yun was kind enough to donate some products he imports to Korea through Y.S Company. He has donated 10 sets of THUNDERPLUGS, and also a MINI DRONE for all of your MINI DRONE needs.

Cheong Sil Park from Sticky Fingers was kind enough once again to be a stop on the Poker Run and generously donate to our cause. He works very closely with the community and his bar is consistently hosting open mic nights, trivia nights, and live bands from around the peninsula.

Alan Michieli from Cima Bar was once again been kind enough to host the Poker Run. Year after year Al and his wife MiJeong happily support our cause. A generous donation from them is a big reason we are able to support our ongoing community projects. Cima Bar has a sweet patio and a great selection of drinks with great service.

Boi Brazil donated to the WeHOPE Poker Run for the second consecutive year. They are a Brazilian style restaurant in Donggu that carves the meat tableside. The restaurant is always open for dinner and provides a great experience for those who have yet to try it^^

Subway was kind enough to support our cause. The owner of the Daldong and Mugeodong branch is always more than willing to help out around this time of year. Visit them and grab one of their famous sandwiches!

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