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WeHOPE Team Makes a Splash at Growing Ulju Multicultural Family Event

The We HOPE team volunteered at the Ulju Multicultural Family Gathering Event on Saturday, May 25 from 10:30-1:00pm. This was a very important event because it is normally very popular and gives an opportunity for multicultural families to create meaningful relationships. The significance of this event was reflected by the visit of the Chief of Uljugun Office. From supporters, volunteers, attendees, and the president of the UljuGun office in attendance, the event brought a little bit of magic to all who attended, especially the children.

The multicultural event was held at the BanCheon Sports Center in UljuGun. A couple of the events that brought the continuous crowd was the face painting and cotton candy making. Kids were pulling their parents hands to wait in line at the booth and get their faces painted with different animals and designs. The volunteers made sure that they listened attentively to all of the children to give them exactly what they were asking for.

The other booth that was set up was the cotton candy making booth. This booth not only made different flavors of cotton candy for the kids, but they also taught the kids how to make the cotton candy they were going to eat as well. This booth was a hit because every kid loves cotton candy andwere extremely happy when taught how to make their favorite treat for their family and friends.

The We HOPE Team had six volunteers at the event who manned the two booths and played with the kids. Lunch and snacks were provided, which allowed the parents to spend of their time having and embracing the festivities. One of the parents commented that “this helped alleviate a lot of stress of having to prepare snacks for kids”, resulting with everyone having a good time.

All of the parents who attended liked the event and were extremely gracious to those who volunteered. The kids went home with full bellies, painted faces, sticky fingers, and smiles on their faces. We HOPE that to see them at the event next year. Brian Girolametto, one of the founders and executive organizers of We-Hope was enthusiastic about the number of attendees, noting that “They’ve seen a multi-fold increase in the number of families and locals that participated.” He said that he anticipated this number will continue to increase next year and hopes to set up additional booths and work with even more volunteers.


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