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WeHOPE's Proposed Program Wins ₩3,000,000 In Government Funding

The Ulsan Volunteer Center, an Ulsan City sponsored initiative, holds an annual competition to seek out the top volunteer groups and their proposed programs. WeHOPE had been encouraged to enter in previous years but felt that it was not yet ready to support such a large scale project on their own due to the overwhelming amount of work that their programs at that time required. Once again this year WeHOPE was asked to join, and since the addition of their new program coordinators, WeHOPE felt confident in submitting a proposal for the contest.

WeHOPE proposed a mentoring program that would connect Korean high school aged students with the multi-cultural and under privileged youth of the city in hopes of fostering cultural awareness and acceptance. Each mentor-mentee pairing would be overseen by a certified Korean teacher. The pairing would meet weekly and every other month there would be an outdor special activity with a foreign volunteer or international student. Of the sixty groups that applied, WeHOPE was chosen as one of seven to receive a KRW3,000,000 grant. WeHOPE will be at the center of this program in which they will collaborate with the Ulsan City Hall, Jungbu Police Station, Bukgu District Office, Hana Center, and Multicultural Family Centers. WeHOPE is proud and excited about this great opportunity to organize and lead a program of this size. Currently, WeHOPE is in the final months of a two year Mentor-Mentee Program with Ulsan Junggu Multicultural Family Center which will come to a close at the end of June. It should be noted that without the exceptional efforts of Maria Choi and Roy Kim, this program would not be possible.

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