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WeHOPE Bids Farewell to Influential Volunteers

We HOPE has shown tremendous growth in all areas over the last year, none of which would have been possible without the amazing dedication and hard work of our volunteers. Our organization is unique in the fact that many of our volunteers are foreigners, and also transient. Regardless of whether they are engineers, students, teachers, housewives or factory workers, the majority of them are only here for a fixed amount of time before moving on. This is one of the greatest challenges our organization faces.

Recently, three of our hardest working volunteers’ time in Ulsan came to an end. After all being here for a few years or more, Rogelio Garcia, Pauline Lacson, and Mark Lamb are all taking the next step towards life after Korea. The three of them were instrumental in the development and implementation of new programs, as well as organizing and running our biggest events, over the last couple years. Without these three amazing individuals We HOPE never could have experienced the success and growth it has enjoyed during their time. The organization really values the assets and skills these volunteers brought to the team, and the long lasting impact their work will have on the We HOPE organization and the community in which they served.

We HOPE is sad to see them leave, but happy they are moving on to the next stage of their lives. Their efforts will be dearly missed, but we know they will soon be giving of their time freely somewhere else in the world, and more people will get to experience the selfless individuals they are. Adios, Paalam, Goodbye.

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