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WeHOPE's 7th Annual Poker Run Another Big Success.

After months of preparation the Poker Run kicked off Saturday, October 13th. Thanks to the amazing support from the local community, the 2018 Poker Run proved to be most successful since 2013. A larger than expected walk-up crowd meant that we had to sell almost a dozen left-over shirts from last year’s event, in total 113 shirts were sold. A huge thanks goes out to the five host bars, Cima, Sticky Fingers, J Bucks, Thursday Party and newcomer, Taco Box, who together helped us raise nearly 3 million won that will go towards buying presents for more than 120 children, and the accompanying Christmas parties, at the Ulsan Orphanage and Lotus Center for autistic children.

Additionally, We HOPE would like to thank all the local establishments that stepped up to support this event by donating gift cards for prizes. Finally, a sincere thank you to Al and Mijeong at Cima bar for their continued support and generosity. Each year after this event they make a significant donation that really helps make a great day for the kids.

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