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Special Lecture Series 2: Inspiration From Busan

Today the second instalment of the WeHOPE Youth Special Lecture Series was hosted in Ulsan, South Korea. Various speakers took to the stage to deliver informative talks about the organization. Brian Girolametto opened by providing an overview of the WeHOPE organization and giving insight as to it's plans for 2019. Representatives from the WeHOPE Youth team then delivered informative speeches in both Korean and English that reflected on their experience thus far with the organization. The final speaker was a renowned simultaneous interpreter from Busan, Victor Choi. He spoke to the WeHOPE Youth team with passion in his voice and undoubtedly inspired the bunch. He stressed that to do interpretation work well it is not simply a matter of literally translating the text or speech. He illustrated his ideas with an eye grabbing presentation. WeHope would like to thank Mr. Choi for using his time to inspire the up and coming generation of global leaders.

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