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WeHOPE Members Recognized and Awarded For Their Efforts In The Community

WeHOPE members Brian Girolametto, Rogelio Garcia, and Antonina Wessels received awards recently for their hard work and dedication to bettering their communities.

Brian was recognized by the Ulsan Police for his dedication to the WeHOPE organization and his continuous efforts and contributions to his local community. The award is given to only a small handful of people annually and they felt Brian was more than deserving of it.

Rogelio received an award from the Ulsan City Hall Chairman, Shin Seong-bong, which reads, "You have been involved in community service with unmatched affection and interest, especially in contributing to the social environment in which multicultural families live together by actively participating in educational programs of multicultural families."

Antonina's volunteering experience was recognized by Jeong Gab Youn, a member of the national assembly. The award reads "As a member of our Junggu Multicultrual Center, you have not only led service for the underprivileged but also contributed to the development of communities and the creation of a bright and healthy society."

Congratulations to Brian, Rogelio, and Antonina on their great accomplishment!